Sunday, April 21, 2013

Julep Nail Polish in "Julia": Review and Swatches

"Julia" from Julep is described as a "purple orchid with golden-micro-glitter metallic". I picked up this lovely polish during their April Fool's Day sale and boy am I glad I chose this color! I generally regard Julep as a brand that comes up with good but generic nail colors but "Julia" is truly special! To see more pictures and my review, click......
"Julia" is absolutely gorgeous. The base is a cool-tone purple but under bright light, the golden glitters really shine to bring incredibly warmth and decadence. Under some lighting, the polish looks like a super warm and festive golden plum, and under other lighting, it looks like a brown metallic, it's super cool.
The formula is fairly easy to work with, but it was a tad sheer so I had to use three coats. The drying time is pretty reasonable as well. The wear is very good, with a topcoat,  it went on four to five days with no peeling, minimal chipping and tip wear (that is a pretty long time for me). The removal was also easier than traditional glitter since the micro-glitter were much easier to get off the nail.
Overall, I am super impressed by this polish and I do hope Julep comes up with more colors as amazing as "Julia".
Do you have a favorite Julep polish? Share with me in the comments!
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