Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Macadamia Natural Oil "Healing Oil Treatment": Review

I jumped on the macadamia oil bandwagon after Angela made her mini macadamia oil hair product haul a few weeks ago, and boy am I glad! To read my full review on this product, click......
I found this Healing Oil Treatment from Macadamia Natural Oil at my local Winners for $20 CAD. At first I was really hesitant, because I already use argan oil after every hair wash, which occurs on every other day. So because I was doing pretty well with my $10 argan oil (also found at Winners), I didn't want to shell out an extra $10 on a product that's potentially the same as what I have been using. Anyhow, I caved because I just have been hearing all these amazing things about this product.

Overall I really like these product, for three main reasons:

1. This makes my hair super soft and light. I have a lot of hair, and some of it is kind of damaged (ie. split ends), but with this, my hair feels smooth and airy. The biggest difference between this and argan oil is that this is lighter and really doesn't weight the hair down at all.

2. I love the smell. This stuff smells so yummy, it's kind of hard to describe it. It sort of smells like argan oil (it still has argan oil in it), but yummier. Sorry I am being very undescriptive, but you just need to get a whiff of this in person to understand what I mean. However, I do wish the scent lasted longer.

3. The packaging is awesome; it has a PUMP! I know this is kind of a ridiculous reason, but like seriously, all of the hair oils I have used comes in a bottle with no pump and they are freaking hard to dispense. I always over pour and the oil would leak down the side of the bottle and it's just a pain!

So $20 well spent! The 125mL is actually normally sold for $40 CAD, so I say definitely make a trip to your local Winners and see if they carry it!
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