Monday, April 15, 2013

TheBalm Instain Blush in "Pinstripe": Review and Swatch

Instain from theBalm is a new line of blushes that claim to be "long wearing" and "staining". "Pinstripe" is described as a plum blush. This cost $22 USD, to see swatches and the review, click.......
I saved this one for last because it is my personal favorite out of all six of the blushes. In the pan, it is very intense and intimidating, but in fact, this one is a very very special gem.
I would say that this is the only blush out of the whole collection that has a noticeable shimmer. As you can see from the swatch, the gold micro shimmer compliments the warm plum so well.
Now when you actually wear this, a little goes a long long way, and in fact, on the cheeks, this gives you a very natural glow. It is warm, but the purples and plums are very subtle!
This also is the only one out of the six that I would say had a "staining" effect, when I was swatching this, it definitely left the most amount of pigmentation behind on my fingers.
But again, like I mentioned before, I don't think any of these Instain blushes will really stain because no one is going to actually pack on the color. A light dust of these pigmented blushes will give great pigmentation, but virtually no staining.
Light swatch applied with blush brush.

For reviews of the other shades:
1. Swiss Dot (peach)
2. Houndstooth (mauve)
3. Lace (bright pink)
4. Toile (strawberry pink)
5. Argyle (petal pink)

Do you guys like this one? I almost wish I could wear this as an eyeshadow!

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