Monday, April 15, 2013

TheBalm Instain Blush in "Argyle": Review and Swatch

Instain from theBalm is a new line of blushes that claim to be "long wearing" and "staining". "Argyle" is described as a petal pink color. This cost $22 USD, to see swatches and the review, click.......
"Argyle" is a lovely and pigmented baby pink. There isn't much to say about this as it is a very generic baby pink. There is some micro shimmer in the pan, but it is completely matte when worn. Compared to "Down Boy" (reviewed here), another baby pink blush from theBalm, this one is a tad more intense.
Again, the staining effect is not that noticeable, unless you really pack on the product, which I don't think anyone would.
And for anyone is looking for an everyday baby pink blush, I much rather recommend "Down Boy" because the formula of that one is absolutely phenomenal. Also, for around the same place, you almost get double the amount of product, because the new line of Instain blushes are all 5.5g and "Down Boy" has 9.9g of product!
Light swatch applied with blush brush.

For reviews of the other shades:

Anyhow, not overwhelmingly impressed with this one, but it is still a very good blush nevertheless, and come on, look at that cute packaging!
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