Sunday, April 14, 2013

TheBalm Instain Blush in "Toile": Review and Swatch

Instain from theBalm is a new line of blushes that claim to be "long wearing" and "staining". "Toile" is described as strawberry color. This cost $22 USD, to see swatches and the review, click.......
I'd say strawberry pink is quite the right description of this color. It is pink, but leaning just a tad bit coral/orange, but that only comes out when you actually swatch it. In the pan, this has a bit of shimmer going on, but it is fairly matte when swatched.
I was a bit worried about this formula, because when I used my fingers to pick up some colors and swatch it on my arm, it came off sort of chalky, as in the color didn't seamlessly melt onto my skin like the other shades in the collection would. But when I actually applied this on my cheeks with a blush brush, it was very very pigmented, a little teeny bit of powder goes a long way! 
Again, I don't quite notice how staining these really are, as they remove the same way as any good pigmented blush.
Light swatch applied with blush brush.

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So, how do you like this one?
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