Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baking Adventure: Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Angela's boyfriend has an obsession with cheesecakes and thus requested that I make a triple chocolate cheesecake for the celebration of the end of our third year of school. I went to a trusty allrecipe recipe and ended up with this crazy creation. For more pics and recipes, click......

Oy, look at my messy work station! :s
So this was really really simple to make; I think a lot of people for whatever reason think cheesecakes are a challenge when they are actually really easy! As long as every ingredient you work with is at room temperature and that you never mix at a speed higher than the lowest speed setting, you should end up with a nice cheesecake with no cracks in the middle.
So I followed this recipe exactly, iced it with a cream-free chocolate ganache made from this recipe and topped the cake off with some multi-colored chocolate candy bits.
The result is super yummy and EXTREMELY decadent, this is definitely not an everyday dessert, but you know, once in a while won't hurt.
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