Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sample Source Goodies

Every so often opens up its bag of goodies and allows people to select samples to be sent to their door to try before they buy. I just recently got my package and thought I might share what samples I chose.
I got a sachet of John Freida Fizz-Ease which is a product that has been around forever, I remember using it years ago probably in early high school and not liking it. We will see how it works for me this time. I got another sample of the Garnier BB cream labeled as light, but in the sample request it is labeled as light/medium (the lightest shade available, or so I thought). The name confused me but after this sample I caved and bought the full sized light/medium version. Last of the beauty related products are the TRESemme Platinum Strength shampoo and conditioner. These two smell sweet and lovely and I just want to lather my hair in them.
The non-beauty stuff that I also got was Breathe Right nasal strips, these are always good to have around. I also got liquid fabric softener, I like Snuggle, but I prefer the sheets over the liquid. I also got two packs of Sunlight detergent for laundry as well. Not shown is Sunlight dishwasher packs that I gave to my Grandmother because she uses the dishwasher more often than my boyfriend and I do.
So lots of fun free stuff packed in a box for me.
Anyone else get their Sample Source? Did you snag anything special since I was a bit late to the game?
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