Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8: My Piece Of Advice

Hmm... Today's prompt is also sort of a hard one because I don't feel like I should be giving advice when I am the one who can use all the advice I can get, but I will try anyways. I started living by this advice a few years ago and I feel like it has saved me from a lot of useless tears and bitterness.
So my advice is stop wasting time on people who are not worthwhile. I guess this is kind of obvious and makes logical sense, but still, many a time in the past, I have tried so hard to make a friendship work with someone who clearly couldn't care less. I always go into any sort of relationship expecting to be treated the way I treat the other person, because I feel like that's how things should work. But the harsh reality is that there are some crappy people out there, so just accept that and move on. Don't expect people to change, because they usually don't. The time wasted hoping someone would come around and make things right is better spent on looking for better and more worthwhile friends.
I like this melodramatic hipster inspirational poster, check out those waves haha.
Hope my advice doesn't make me sound like a super negative person, but I feel like sometimes that's just how things are. Thanks for dropping by, cheers!
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