Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Angela's Little Black Bag Haul

Tote bag from Olivia + Joy
So a while back I heard about the Little Black Bag and decided to check it out. I fell in love with an Olivia + Joy tote. Basically you choose an item from the site that you want and other stuff gets randomly added to your order. You get a week to trade items in your order with others until you are satisfied. The subscription wasn't cheap, with shipping and duty to Canada, the total came to about $100 CAD. To see what other stuff I got, click......

Haha you can see my house leggings, but yea the bag is of a decent size.
This gorgeous blue and turquoise tailor tote from Olivia + Joy caught my eye, honestly I could not stop thinking about it so I finally caved and bought it.
The bag has lots of room, it fits my netbook so it is great for school, especially in the summer when I don't have a ton of courses. There are also a few pouches higher up to hold smaller stuff conveniently so they don't fall to the bottom.
The Flea Market Girl Skull Necklace was probably my second favorite item I got. It is a dainty yet edgy necklace I just had to have. Unfortunately I find it a bit too short.
This BCBG generation multi-stone drop earrings was kind of a last minute trade. I am not too crazy about them. They are much larger than I expected.
The Rain Crescent and Stone Drop earrings are also quite large, but I love how exotic they look, I feel kind of Egyptian when I wear them hehe. These look great when your hair is up nicely.

My experience with LBB was good although I doubt I will do it agian. I don't need many bags, this is probably my second bag I have ever bought and I like my old one more for daily use about town. The trading can definitely get addicting and fun but I don't have a use for many of the items they have so it will be easy to stay away in the future.

Have you tried LBB or something similar? How was your experience? What was your favorite haul?
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