Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 9: A Moment In My Day

Today's post isn't all that exciting, I spent the day painting and so I decided to take a snapshot of my incredibly messy work station. I am almost done the painting I am working on, hurray! I plan on dedicating the painting to my mom for Mother's Day this Sunday, but she has been observing my progress so it won't be a surprise.

I guess there is something interesting I want to note, see my cup placed near my small tub of water I use to clean my brushes? I have no idea why I keep putting them next to each other given that on two separate occasions I dipped my brush into my drinking water...... Jasmine never learns.
Tomorrow's topic is your "most embarrassing moments", hmm.... I might have to think hard for this one  because I want it to be really good!
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