Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 14: Things That Make Me Happy

For today's prompt, we have to list ten things that make us happy, so here is a list of eleven things (because I am a rebel) that make me happy; they aren't in any particular order and they are just things I thought up at the top of my head, so I probably missed some other good ones.

1. Checking the Mail: This is absolutely my favorite everyday thing to do; I am the official mail checker of my household (though my mom does violate my right sometimes)! I use to subscribe to magazines and now I sometimes shop online, so the thought of a delightful package waiting for me in the mailbox literally induces butterflies in my stomach! But I mean, on most days it's just bills and flyers, but I always keep my hopes up!
2. Baking: So calming and relaxing, and it's so satisfying to see the end result.
Tiramisu I made for my mom's birthday last year.
3. Sunny days: It is pretty darn gloomy in Vancouver most of the time, so a sunny day really lifts my mood!
4. Seeing my parents laugh together: It's just sweet and endearing to see them enjoying a joke or a TV program together. I mean they fight like every other day, but it's nice to see that after so many years (22 years I believe), they can still laugh and be jolly together.
5. Painting my nails: Watching the polish go on perfectly is so therapeutic. I can do without the icky fume and the drying time, but overall I love painting my nails.
6. Food: I like eating and I like food.
A crazy look I did a few years back using loose glitter.

7. Good grades: I like to think that my education is about learning and discovery, but at the end of the day, grade is all that matters...... I wish school is more about learning and less about writing one exam after another.
8. Good friends: They are hard to come by and when they do, they make life so much better.
9. Finding good deals: I get such a sense of happiness and accomplishment when I find a nail polish or a lipstick on sale. I take pride in my deal finding skills!

10. My cat: I gave her away because of allergies but memories of her make me happy.
Look at those beautiful eyes. Also I love that tiny little black line she has on her nose. Sniff sniff, I miss you.

11. John Krasinski's rendition of "Teenage Dream" (starts at 2:13): I'll just throw this one in here, kind of an oddball but this makes my heart melt. I have a grin on my face whenever I watch it. Check it out if you love The Office or John, IT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY!
There you go, that's my list, what makes you happy?
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