Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 15: A Day In My Life

Alright guys, brace yourselves for a not too exciting post today. I had no school so not a whole lot happened...... But I made an effort and took some pictures of stuff I did, so here you go......

7:00AM Woke up to this lovely weather...... Checked emails and blogged for a bit.
Nothing says good morning like a gloomy sky.
8:00AM Made a quinoa salad, ran out of both cucumbers and cilantro, so I improvised and threw in some baby spring mix and seaweed salad.
Threw in some toasted pecans, it's pretty good! 
9:00AM Went back to bed for a nap...... I know, my sleeping schedule is "unique".
11:00AM Woke up again, printed some stuff for school.
12:00PM Prepped for a roasted potato salad because our huge vat of mayonnaise from Costco is expiring, I do not know why my parents keep on picking up these 2L jars......
Also put in some carrot chunks, they didn't taste so good roasted.
Didn't have any onions so I chopped up two green onions.
Looks kinda messy but it was super delicious.
1:00PM From here and onward, not much happened, I did the reading for my summer class and painted my nails.
Took a manicure break from studying.
2:00PM The weather turned pretty sunny, to my surprise.
2:00PM-9:00PM Studied, surfed the net, napped, and chatted on facebook.
9:00PM Went to the gym with mom.
It is 12:37AM as I type this, I think my day was decent, I have school tomorrow so I shall wrap it up. Thanks for reading everyone, hope you have a good day!
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