Wednesday, May 15, 2013

April Beauty Box Five Subscription

BB5 is definitely a beauty box subscription that usually sends out products and brands not included in other beauty boxes. For $12 a month you get a good assortment of large sized samples. My only problem with BB5 is that they have been recycling the same brands over and over which can get a bit annoying when you want to test out new brands! To see what I got this month, click......
Model Co Lip Liner- The retail value of this liner is $20, so this alone covers the cost of the box. This is a wonderful nude liner that will work under most lipsticks and will hopefully keep everything in place, I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I am very excited.
Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Birthday Suit"- As nice as their shadows seem, to be given a loose shadow from the same company twice in a row is kind of disappointing. "Birthday Suit" is a pale nude brown with a hint of shimmer. This sample is worth $4.50.
LA FRESH Instant Body Smoother- We were provided with two packets this month, but I used one right away. The value of two wipes are about $0.80, so not a very high and also this is the second time in a row this company has been in the box. However I really like these wipes, they have a wonderful peppermint scent that is very relaxing.
Minxxette Brush Hanger- So this is the small version of the hanger which retails for $4.69. I like the idea of the product; it prevents the water from getting into where the bristles and the handle are glued together. Unfortunately I don't really have many small brushes and could have found more use for the large brush holder instead. Also the suction cup on the back of this is pretty weak so you definitely have to find a place to hang it.
Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil Absorbing Tissue- Fifty sheets is a generous sample size, and is actually a full package that can be purchased for $2. Oil absorbing tissues are pretty much all the same, but I do like the lovely plastic case it comes in to keep it all together.
Model Co liner(left) and Birthday suit (right)
I will definitely be using many of these products in the next little while. I would have prefered more variation in the brands they offered and hopefully they will introduce other brands in the upcoming months. If you want to sign up for BB5 you can do so at, or if you like you can use my referal link here.
What do you think of this month's BB5?
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