Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 29: 5 Songs......

I have been waiting way too long for today's prompt (share five piece of music that speak to you/bring memories). The reason is that most of my friends don't share my taste in music so I am hoping some of you would appreciate the songs I will recommend today.

1. Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone:
This song is by a brother and sister duo from Australia. The combination of the lyric, the music, and Angus's voice is so beautiful and melancholy. I think the song is about a small town girl who has not had a great life and this sweet guy comes along and just wants to show her the world; I guess it's suppose to be happy but it makes me darn sad for some reason.

2. Whistle for the Choir by the Fratellis:
I find it hard to explain why I really really like this song, because it isn't that special but the lyrics just speak to me and the singer's voice is so simple and sincere.

3. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie:
I pretty much love every single Death Cab for Cutie song and it is hard to just choose one because all of their stuff feel very nostalgic and mellow.
Soul Meets Body is a really great song in my opinion, it's very catchy and makes me feel like I am walking in the forest on a cool autumn day.

4. Coffee Girl by The Tragically Hip:
This song feels so so so nostalgic, I am 20 but listening to this song makes me feel like I am 50 and reminiscing my younger days of romance and heartbreak. Strange......

5. Fashionable People by Joel Plaskett:
I heard this in a movie and was instantly struck. I am not even completely sure what the song is really about but I just love it, it's so upbeat and catchy.

5 Songs That Speak To Me by The Happy Sloths on Grooveshark

So there you go! I want to thank you if you listened to any of these because for me at least, trying new music can be kind of a daunting and I end up stopping a song 10 seconds in because it's just not my taste.
If you heard any of these songs of if any of them spoke to you, please please do share in the comments!
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