Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MAC Eyebrow Crayon in "Spiked": Review and Swatches

I was sucked into buying MAC's Eyebrow Crayon in "Spiked" back in February when I went to MAC's Archie's Collection release event with Angela. The makeup artist used it to fill my brows and I ended up buying it; it was $19 CAD. To see my full review, click......

I don't really know why I bought this as the only thing I use to fill my brow is the Shiseido Natural Brow Pencil in "GY901, Natural Black" (I should really review soon). I guess I was drawn to the fact that the MAC eyebrow pencil has a very thin twist up lead, which I thought would make a huge difference, but it didn't really.
So the color I chose was "Spiked", which was the closest shade to a natural black/grey. I personally despise using brown based shades for my brows because I think it looks horribly unnatural. A lot of makeup brands/artists warns you should never use black to fill in the brows no matter how dark your natural hair is. I think that is completely bogus, there is nothing more unnatural than having dark brown brows when you clearly have black hair. Obviously don't go and use a sharpie to fill in your brows, but finding a natural grey black brown pencil/powder is super important! (I used spiked for my teal liner look, as you can see, it does not match my natural brow color.)

Anyways, so "Spiked" is too brown for my liking, it would work very well for natural brunettes. In addition, the pencil is really just so so, it isn't very creamy and requires some pressure for full application. This isn't a problem on bare skin, but if you already have a layer of dewy makeup on your face, it is very difficult to apply nice pigmented strokes with this without ruining your base makeup. Also the staying power really depends on how oily your skin is. So that's all, overall, I don't recommend it given the almost 20 dollar price tag. 
Do you fill in your brows? What do you use?
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