Thursday, May 23, 2013

Real Technique by Samantha Chapman Stippling and Expert Face Brush: Reviews

I had been hearing lots about the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman and during my trip to Ulta in the USA I picked up two during the buy one get one 50% of sale. So are they worth the hype, to read more, click......
I grabbed myself the stippling brush and the expert face brush. The brushes are made with synthetic fibers and feel really soft on the skin. I also really like the handles on the brushes, they have a very nice weight to them and the widened and flattened bottom allow them to stand up on their own, meaning they don't need to be set down on any dirty surfaces.
The Stippling brush cost $9.99 USD before the sale. I really love this for my cream blushes, it allows everything to go on evenly and lightly. I also like to use this for some of my more pigmented blushes because it ensures I don't overdo my cheeks. I find using this give a more precise and natural looking result than using my fingers.
The Expert Face Brush retails for about $8.99 USD and I wonder how I lived so long without it! I use this one to apply liquid products to my face, be it foundation or BB cream. It creates such a nice finish because it really buffs out my makeup and makes everything look so much more natural.

Real Techniques brushes are now my new favorite brushes. You can also pick these up at London Drugs and Walmart in Canada but I am not entirely sure of the price. I kind of want to try out more now but I have most of my brush bases covered.

Have you tried any Real Techniques brushes? Do you have any brushes that make huge differences to your makeup application?
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