Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 24: My Top 3 Worst Trait

Alright, today we are suppose to analyze ourselves and talk about our top three worst traits. This one wasn't too hard to do and you will see why.
1. Overly Critical:
Yea, I am pretty critical; I don't find fault with everything though, mostly just me and the stuff I do. I want certain things just so; for example, when I take pictures for the blog, I am very particular about how things are placed and how they get photographed. I know Angela get's pretty annoyed with me when I try to dictate her on how to position her fingers when I take shots of her manicure. But most of the time, I keep my criticism to myself and only apply them to myself.
3. Overly Analytical:
This is the trait of mine I dislike the most, and it's something I do subconsciously. I tend to over analyze what people say and do. I analyze their demeanor and their attitude; I deduct from those things what their motives and intents are. I mean it is quite a useful skill because I am fairly good at reading people and getting a feel of their character and consequently I can act accordingly and avoid conflicts, but at the same time, there is just so much thinking going on in my head all the time that it just gets tiring. Sometimes I think it's better to be just naive and happy and not figure out everything about everyone.
3. Impatient:
This is another one of those things I really wish I wasn't. To clarify though, I am not someone who is rude and has no time for people; I worked several customer service jobs during high school and have became quite good at interacting with indecisive customers and confused guests. However, I am the type of person who doesn't like to leave things unfinished, if there is some sort of project or chore that needs to be completed, I have to get it done right away or I can't enjoy anything else. Same goes for conflicts and issues that come up in life, I am not good at just leaving things be and letting time do the work; I need resolution and I need them immediately. So yea, this really becomes an issue sometimes because certain things take time, certain problems only resolve gradually over time and getting all worked up often gets me nowhere.

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