Thursday, May 30, 2013

TheBalm Crease, Love, & Happiness Double-Ended Smudger/Crease Brush: Review

The brush comes with a cardboard brush guard that protects the bristles and allows it to be stored vertically.
I took advantage of theBalm's 50% off sale and bought a blending brush that I was in desperate need of. This brush, named the "Crease, Love & Happiness Double Ended Smudge/Crease Brush" (what a mouth full) costs $24 and I got it for $12. To see a quick review, click......

This is the side I needed the most! I found the brush quite small and not very soft but it still gets the job done. The small surface area and very tapered shape makes blending a bit hard and time-consuming.
The other end is just a regular shadow brush, the bristles are also quite rough though it is very good at picking up shadows and also transfers colors to the eye very well. 

So overall, this little guy does the job, but there are similar brushes from other brands that are more widely available and are much cheaper, though they may not be double-ended like this one. I found the bristles to be the most annoying part, my Ecotools are cheaper but are much softer in comparison. I just expected a little bit more.
What's your favorite brand of brushes? 
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