Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 30: Letting Go

So today we are to write about the phrase "letting go", well let me search up some definitions because I am not quite sure how to begin with this one. 

To let go is to:
1. "relax and completely enjoy yourself":
Hmm...... Not really good at this one, at least definitely not in the presence of other people. This kind of goes back to my self esteem issues. When you are always self conscious in the presence of most people, it is hard to just let go and have a good time.

2. "stop trying to control something":
I think over the years I have learnt to be better at this. Because I learnt certain situations and relationships cannot be controlled and I just have to let them run their course, where ever things end up is usually for the best.

3. "stop having something":
I am going to interpret "something" as materialistic things in this case. I am pretty good at throwing things away, sometimes even stuff of "sentimental value". I feel like most of us keep around too much junk that we think we are going to look back on somedays and reminisce, but honestly, they just end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust. So I just throw away most things I don't use, makes moving day much easier.

4. "get out of the way of your desire, to no longer notice the absence of it, and thereby let it come when the time is right":
I can always count on tumblr for melodramatic
quote posters :p
Well that's one heck of a definition. I think this one is basically referring to memories and people and relationships and the more impactful and meaningful stuff in life. This one I am not very good at; I hold on to grudges, I hold on to bittersweet memories, and I always have special places in my heart for people I am better off forgetting. But the way I look at it is (cue cheesy music) that everything happens for a reason and every person we meet hold some sort of significance, even if the experience or relationship ends up as something unfortunate and painful, we should take something away from it, but we shouldn't forget it. 

How about you? Are you good at letting go?

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