Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TheBalm Sexy Mama Anti-shine Translucent Powder: Review

During theBalm's 50% off sale I decided to grab the Sexy Mama Anti-Shine Translucent Powder for only $10 USD. I love the packaging design of all the theBalm powders, they are so vintage pin-up-y that when I use them, they make me feel like I will look a retro vixen! The size of this is nice and compact; it is smaller than a credit card and thus fits nicely in my purse. To see my review, click......
However, despite its small and cute packaging, the powder itself is alright. It does what it says, it mattifies the skin and reduces the shine. But I found that when I apply this with my brush, there is a lot of loose powder left in the pan that flies everywhere. I think this might be better applied with one of those makeup sponges or puffs to reduce the fall-out.
Although "Sexy Mama" does have slight shortcomings, I still much rather prefer carrying this one around than my proper loose finishing powder, which is simply too large and messy to carry around. 

Do you using a mattifying/setting powder, which is your favorite?
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