Friday, May 24, 2013

Wet N Wild Blush In Pearlescent Pink: Review and Swatch

Wet N Wild's Pearlescent Pink blush is supposedly a great dupe for the famous NARS orgasm blush, at a small fraction of the price. I picked this up for under $3 USD at Walmart during a trip to the states, we have the brand here in Canada as well but I never see this one. This is probably one of the nicest drugstore blushes I have tried in a while and the formula is simply amazing, to read more, click......

This blush really packs a punch because it is very pigmented and soft, making it easily blendable. The brush it comes with is kind of useless and the packaging is kind of cheap, but hey, it is a $3 blush! If I had a Zpalette I would depot it and keep the pan in there.

The actual color of the blush is a light rose with golden shimmer, making it similar to "Orgasm" from NARS. I think this is a wonderful alternative since I am not going to pay for a NARS blush. 
I am kind of sad I didn't pick up more shades when I was in the US. Hopefully I can find them near me for around the same price.
Have you tried Wet N Wild products before? Any recommendations?
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