Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 16: Mainstream Music

I guess most of the music I listen to nowadays isn't mainstream. Back in elementary and high school though, mainstream/top 40s was all that I listened to! Well, at that age, most kids just listened to whatever everyone else listened to, which was whatever was on the radio. It wasn't until grade nine or ten that I started discovering indie music and man was I glad I did that. This song I am linking you is the first "non mainstream" music I ever listened to, it was one of those Starbucks free download of the week. I remember downloading it with my friend, and she said it sounded weird while I sat there thinking: huh this is so different but I love it!

The Sound by Human Highway on Grooveshark

So I guess I feel ambivalent about mainstream music; every once in a while, a good song makes it to the top 40s (and hey they are fun to dance to) but I think most of the good bands are buried underneath all the Justin Biebers and Selena Gomezs and you gotta do a little digging to get to them.
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