Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6: Interesting Facts About Me!

Instead of 30, I am going to share just ten interesting facts about me, because one, I can't come up with 30 and two, you surely will get bored from reading that many!

1. I love doing the crosswords but hate sudoku!
2. I learnt how to make cotton candy when I volunteered at the Science Wold gift shop, it's actually pretty dangerous because you can get easily burnt if you don't pay attention!
3. I started playing the piano when I was five or six, I stopped a few years back after I finished the RCM level ten. I hated it, I continued on mostly because I already put so much work into it, might as well finish it.
4. I like eating fries with mayonnaise.
5. My favourite cake is a tie between carrot and red velvet.
6. I don't like light pink, purple, or dark colored (except red) nail polishes.

7. I have very elaborate conversations with myself when I am alone.
8. I hate it when people don't clean after themselves. i judge them severely!
9. I love biking. Also, male cyclists with nice calves are hot!
10. I have very very low tolerance for uncomfortable footwear, even flats are a no no for me.

So there you go, an assortment of ten random facts about me. Can you identify with any of them? Do share in the comments!

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