Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 7: Being A Sagittarius......

I think horoscopes are silly and unreliable as this video clearly demonstrates but I shall do today's post anyways just for fun!
I am a Sagittarius and these are the traits of a Sagittarius:

Positive Traits:
1. Optimistic:
I am more pessimistic than optimistic.
2. Straightforward:
That I am.
3. Intellectual:
Well, I like to think I am smart...
4. Philosophical:
I often think about deep topics, but I only rarely talk about very philosophical things with others.
5. Generous:
Yes, very.
6. Adventurous:
Hmm, this one is tough, I am adventurous with certain things, but with many social situations, I am not.

Negative Traits:
1. Careless
Yes at times, but overall, I would say I am a fairly meticulous person.
2. Tactless
No, I can be very tactful but when dealing with people I am close to, I like to be blunt and honest instead of resorting to tacts.
3. Restless:
A bit, I don't fidget too much but I don't have a very good attention span for things I find boring.
4. Superficial:
Looks are important, but I don't think that makes me superficial.
5. Inconsistent:
No, I am reliable.
6. Overconfident:
Definitely not!

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