Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 30 Day Challenge- Day 1: Being single......

I am back! So just as I was getting bummed (and relieved) that the Blog Everyday In May Challenge is over, I found out that a bunch of bloggers (Lizzy and Cristy) are doing this 30 Day Challenge for June and I thought why not? Writing about myself and sharing my stories was so fun and therapeutic that I really don't want to stop. Anyhow, for this challenge, I will try to keep my posts short and sweet because school is getting kind of hectic again. In addition, I really hope all of you would do this as well because I really love reading about you guys and getting to know you better on a more personal level!

Day 1: Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
Oh wow this challenge gets straight to it doesn't it? I am single and I have always been. Single life is pretty lonely, I definitely am not one of those "single and loving it" type of person. I often ruminate over the possibility that I will stay single for life. Unfortunately, I am not making any attempts on finding someone because I am horrible at flirting and making guys like me, so basically I am waiting for a miracle. But good thing that school is the number one thing right now so with no prospective romantic relationship in sight, I am good to go!
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