Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mixed Metals Nails: Manicure Featuring Nail Foils and Studs

Disclaimer: The nail foil and studs were provided for review.
Today I got a pretty crazy manicure to show y'all, this has got to be the most "nail arty" manicure I have done because I used not one but two nail art decorations from Born Pretty Store. To see more, click......
Base Color: "Knockout" from Revlon
So first up are these multicolored nail foils (in #13, $2.99). These comes in a 2.5cm wide and 113cm long strip of foil attached to a clear piece of plastic backing. To use them, apply a base color to your nails (preferably something dark) and wait until the polish is semi-dry. Then press the foil onto your nails so the foil design will adhere to your nails.
These were kind to tricky to use because you need good timing. If your polish isn't dry enough, the foil will not come off of its backing and instead will pick up the wet polish off of your nail. If your polish is too dry, the foil won't adhere at all so no patterns will be picked up by the polish. I had to play around with it for quite a while until I finally got it, after which I still had to repaint some areas and try to re-foil the missing spots.
Regardless it looks very very cool if you master the application and it removes easily with polish remover.
These can be worn without a top coat for the original foil finish, but I used a topcoat to achieve longer wear. Also, the top coat will actually remove tiny bits of the coloring of the foil to create an uber awesome silvery metallic effect!
To finish off the look, I thought the large oblong diamond shaped nail studs from the nail art studs pack  (reviewed here) looked great over the foil design so I went all out and added one on each of my nails!

To check out the multicolored nail foils (available in other colors/design), click on the banner below! Also, if you use the coupon code VGL91, you can get 10% off of your entire purchase!

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