Friday, July 19, 2013

Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish in #12: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The polish was provided for review.

Today I have a beautiful deep teal holographic nail polish (#12, $5.59) from Born Pretty Store to show you. Recently Born Pretty Store released their own line of sixteen gorgeous holographic polishes and I chose #12 to review because the color seemed the most unique. So how is the formulation of the polish? Click read more to find out!

The formula of the polish was surprisingly amazing. I often read about how holographic polishes can be a pain to apply and how a special base coat is needed, but these applied like any good creme polish, very smooth and very opaque. I used two coats achieve full opacity. The polish dried fairly quickly, though not ask quickly as "Harp On It", the silver holo from Color Club I reviewed a while ago. However, the finish of this was super duper shiny! No top coat needed!
#12 is a very deep and rich teal, and like most linear holographic polishes, the rainbow effect is only visible under bright sunlight. Under artificial light, it takes on a vampy creme appearance. 

Packaging and Value:
The only issue I have with the polish is the packaging. As you may notice, the polish only has 6mL of product in it and thus comes in a very small bottle. I don't think the lack of product (most polishes have around 14mL of product) is an issue as $5.59 is a fairly reasonable price. Plus, how often do we actually use up more than half a bottle of polish. But because the bottle is so small, the brush and the handle is very short, making application a bit inconvenient. It's not a huge setback but I am much more used to the length of regular polish brush/handle.

Overall, I highly highly recommend this color and from the looks of it, some of the other colors in the line are amazing too!

To check them out, click on the banner below, don't forget that you can use use the coupon code VGL91 to get 10% off of your entire purchase!
P.S. I am entered in a holographic nail art contest at Born Pretty Store blog and I would really really appreciate it if you voted for me by commenting "43" in this link (I am terribly behind because it seems that a few other bloggers already have a lot of votes, but it's worth a try). Thank you!
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