Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24Hr Eyeshadow in "Bad To The Bronze": Review and Swatches

Hi everyone, here is a review of the first Maybelline Color Tattoo I bought after hearing many youtubers rave about it. To read more and to check out the swatches, click.......
Formula & Pigmentation:
I was initially a bit disappointed with the formula and pigmentation of "Bad To The Bronze". Everyone just raves about how incredibly pigmented and creamy these are and I just didn't get that. Upon initial swatching, the consistency felt quite thin and it took a few swipes to get opaque coloration. However, the consistency of the product got a bit better as I dug a bit deeper into the pot and now it gives a very opaque color with just one swipe.
The color of this is a simple shimmery brown that I imagine is very flattering to all skintones. I wouldn't really wear this alone as I feel the color falls a bit flat on my asian eyes so I actually use this as a base color.
As for the 24 Hour claim, I can't vouch for that since I never leave makeup on for that long, but I say the wear is just ok as it comes off fairly easily with a makeup wipe.
The Packaging:
The packaging of this feels very nice and expensive though it is very excessive. If you take a good look at the glass jar, you will notice that about 70% of it is a solid chunk of excess glass that actually doesn't hold any product. I just think it's a huge waste of space and material. Also I am not a fan of the "dip your dirty finger in the pot" application, but I guess you can't go any other way with cream products.

Overall, I think this is a nice product if you wear makeup on a daily basis and enjoys doing a neutral eye. I do recommend getting these on sale though because they sometimes drop as low as $4-5 at Shoppers Drug Mart
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