Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Michael Todd Tropical Fruit Scrub: Review

Using a $10 voucher I had for Topbox.ca I got myself the Michael Todd Fruit Scrub. This normally retails for about $18 on the Michael Todd website, and $20 on the Topbox website (but they have free shipping). I had tried the charcoal scrub from them earlier and was not too impressed but I like enzyme exfoliants better...

I was hoping for this to be much like the Vasanti Brighten Up scrub that I love, but is quite expensive. This scrub isn't as fine and abrasive as that one. It produces a gentle scrub that is not bad for regular use every other day.
I really love abrasive fine scrubs, it just makes my face feel super clean. I wish this was more like the Vasanti but it is sufficient for now to clean my face. I definitely like this one better than the charcoal scrubs though.
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