Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sparkling Robin's Eggs: "Dianna" from Julep Review

A while ago, "Dianna" from Julep was on sale so I nabbed it right away because I have been looking for a color like this. It is described as a "mint green creme" but it really isn't very green. I would say this is a slightly muted/smokier version of a robin's egg blue. To see a close up and the full review, click......

The color is amazing but unfortunate the formula is extremely thick, it also isn't very self-leveling and after I did two coats, the result was just patchy and uneven so I had to cover it with a glitter top coat. I chose "Make A Spectacle" from China Glaze; it has small clear sparkles and larger iridescent hexagon's that shine blue or green depending on the angle. Also, the polish stained my nails a bit after removal.
So overall "Dianna" is a big disappoint because the color is so beautiful but the formula is so horrible. In fact, a lot of Julep polishes have some serious formulation problems. It may be time that I invested in a polish thinner, but the OPI one I saw in stores is $9.99 and the cheaper ones online comes with a hefty shipping cost. Hmm, what a dilemma...
Anyways, thanks for reading, hope y'all have a good day! Cheers!

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