Friday, September 6, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer: Review

Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer from Benefit Cosmetics ($32 USD or $38 CAD) is touted as an amazing long-lasting primer that acts like a magnet and locks onto your foundation for up to fifteen hours. I never had any luck with primers before. Benefit Porefessional, for example, moved around and creased on my face, making my foundation look cakey and lumpy. So how did this new primer from Benefit work? Click......
The packaging of this new primer is definitely its selling point. The primer comes in a stick form, much like a glue stick, and you dispense it by twisting up the product and applying directly on the areas of your face that require some primer.
The good thing about the packaging is that it is relatively mess-free and less wasteful. However, you still have to get your hands dirty as you have to spread out the product with your fingers after you apply it onto your face.
However, the execution of this twist up stick is problematic. The first time I tried using the stick, it broke and half of the primer "stick" fell right out of the tube. I exchanged it for another one and the same thing happened after the product rolled off of my desk. In addition, the retracting mechanism doesn't work, so I have to manually push the stick back into the tube every time I finish using it.
The primer is cooling, light-weight; it stays put, minimizes pores and mattifies the skin. The lasting power is decent.
However, it sets very quickly, so you have to apply your foundation immediately after applying the primer. I found the primer tricky to work with because it really does cling onto foundation, so once I put my foundation on my skin, it sets very quickly. This is an issue because I can't really blend out my foundation or the foundation/primer mixes and my skin looks bumpy and uneven. So to combat that, I have to use more foundation than I normally would, which is quite wasteful.
I would say this is an ok product, it has its merits and it definitely has its problems. If you have the money to shell out, then give it a try. But otherwise, I say give it a pass and just invest in a good long lasting foundation!

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