Wednesday, September 11, 2013

M.A.C Oil Control Lotion: Review

I have annoyingly oily skin and earlier this Summer I picked up the travel sized Oil Control Lotion ($10 USD for 30mL) from M.A.C in a desperate attempt to keep the "situation" at bay. The sales associate said that the lotion contains some sort of chemical that signals the brain to decrease sebum production. After I went home, I looked up the ingredients for the lotion, but had trouble identifying which one of the ingredients actually did what the associate claimed. Anyhow, let's go ahead with the review.
Overall, this product is decent. I put it on after I wash my face and before I apply my primer. The lotion is rather runny and is only slightly moisturizing. It has a barely noticeable scent and dries very quickly to a slightly tight matte finish. The product probably delays my extreme oiliness by maybe two hours max, after which it's just a free for all. I think if you have mildly oily skin, this product is definitely worth a try as it will probably keep you oil-free for a long time. But if you have very oily skin, the difference this makes is negligible.
Also, if you are thinking about getting this, consider picking up the travel size instead of the full size. The travel size comes in a squeezable tube and it is $10 USD for 30mL while the full size comes in a fancy pump dispenser but it is $32 for only 50mL. So unless you are big on packaging, you should get the travel size as it is more bang for your buck!
Has anyone tried this? What are your thoughts?

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