Tuesday, September 3, 2013

OCC Lip Tars in "Vintage" & "Ophelia": Review and Swatches

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tars are super pigmented lipstick/lip gloss hybrids intended to be mixed with each other to create custom lip colors. To see my reviews, click......
"Vintage" is described as a "deep burgundy". I would say it is a very classic wine red. 
The formula is very pigmented; I applied a drop of it all over my lips using the lip brush that came with the Pro's Pick v1.0 set. The color definitely transfered during eating/drinking and I noticed a bit of bleeding; however, it does leave the lips with a nice stained look.
"Ophelia", a very appropriately named color, is a soft, cool pink. This color isn't very flattering on its own as it really emphasizes the dryness and fine lines on my lips, so I think this is definitely intended to be mixed with other lip tars. Also, the pigmentation is lacking compared to "Vintage".
The finish of both these colors is lipstick-like, but with quite a bit of sheen and they both feel slightly tacky on the lips. The lip tars are not particularly moisturizing and I think it is probably the best to layer some balm underneath. Here is what the two look like mixed together:
I mixed "Ophelia" with a tiny bit of "Vintage", the result is a very plum-y berry color.
If you are looking for easy, low maintenance lip colors, these may not be the way to go. The wear and the formula are just so so, and they certainly take patience to apply (with a lip brush). But if you are a lip junkie like me, these are pretty darn awesome because you can create so many looks with them!
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