Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nailed Kit: Holiday Reindeer Nail Art Kit Review

Disclaimer: This kit was provided for review.
Hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. Today I have an exciting nail art kit from Nailed Kit, a company that makes quick and easy nail art kits that come with everything you need to attain the perfect manicure. There are differently themed kits that cater to every special occasion. I have here today the Reindeer kit ($14 USD), to see the review and a special Black Friday deal, click......

Nailed Kit comes with three things that will make nail art a breeze:
1. Real Nail Polish Strips (with mini nail filer and orange stick):
The Reindeer kit comes with 14 apple green colored strips of various sizes that can be trimmed to fit your nails perfectly. The original sizes fit my nails pretty well so I didn't have to trim any of them. Nailed Kit real nail polish strips are thicker compared to the Sally Hansen strips because it actually has a layer of adhesive on the back, which made the application a tad more challenging. Though the strips are stretchy and pliable, I had trouble getting them completely smooth around the edges but I do believe perfect application can be achieved with some practice.

2. Water Decal Designs:
The Reindeer kit came with reindeer, bow, zigzag, and polka dot water. These decals are quite different from the BornPrettyStore decals I often feature in that they are quite a bit thicker. These almost had the thickness of your usual window decals, which also made the application a tad troublesome because my nails are quite curved and it is hard to get the larger decals lying flat on my nails without raised edges.

3. Bling:
The set also came with 20 half pearls and 39 ruby red crystals that can be used to bling out your manicure. I thought this was a really sweet touch to the kit.
 Here is my final look, I added some glitter ("Make A Spectacle" from China Glaze) on my ring finger for a little something extra. Overall, the kit is simple to use and the instructions that comes with the kit are very clear as well. Though the applications for the nail strips and the water decals are not perfect, I think the kit overall is of great value and the concept of "nail art in a kit" is quite nice!
I imagine it would be a great addition to girly parties and get-togethers because you literally have everything you need (except for a good topcoat) for some awesome looking nails.
Alright, that's all for today! Nailed Kits ships to both USA and Canada. And through Black Friday (Nov. 28th) to Cyber Monday (Dec. 2nd), Nailed Kit has a Reindeer, Penguin, and Snowman Sampler set for only $30 + free shipping ($42 Value)! To check it out, click on the image below:
Hope you enjoyed today's post, thanks for visiting, bye-bye!

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