Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Annabelle TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayons: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well! Today I have reviews and swatches of five awesome TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayons from Annabelle Cosmetics! These lipstick crayons are relatively new releases from Annabelle and they are described as moisturizing lipstick/lipliner duos packed with Omega 3 and Shea butter that doesn't require any sharpening. To see my swatches and reviews, click......
Sorbet ($7.95):
Sorbet is a bright coral. This color is super fun and summery. The pigmentation is very good; however, the formula, though moisturizing, is a tad waxy. Quite similar to MAC cremesheens, Sorbet will crease if your lips are not properly exfoliated or naturally wrinkly like mine.
Divine ($7.95):
The formula of Divine is very different from Sorbet, this one has a formula very similar to that of Revlon Lip Butters (reviewed here). Very moisturizing and smooth upon application, Divine gives a natural rosy mauve sheen to the lips. Pigmentation and lasting power wise, Divine is not that great, but because this color is so gorgeous and wears so comfortably, it is one of my favorite of the five. 
Cherry ($7.95):
Another one of my other favorites, Cherry is a deep and rich wine red. The formula of this is different from both Sorbet and Divine, it is pigmented but not waxy, very reminiscent of MAC amplified creme. The wear of Cheery is the best out of the five and when it does wear off, it leaves behind a lovely stain.
Orange Pop ($7.95):
Super bright and super summery, Orange Pop is an awesome warm orange. Formula wise it is very similar to Sorbet, very pigmented and moisturizing but to clings to creases, so some good exfoliation is needed to pull off this color.
Flirtini ($7.95):
Like Divine, Flirtini has a formula very similar to Revlon Lip Butters, in fact, the color is quite similar to "Candy Apple". Super comfortable and moisturizing, Flitini has better pigmentation than Divine but the lasting power is still lacking. Regardless, this is the kind of lip product that I would opt for an everyday kind of look.
Here are all five colors swatched together:
Flirtini, Sorbet, Orange Pop, Divine, Cherry. (Natural lighting)
So overall, there seems to be a great variability in the formulation of these. Some are more pigmented than others while some wears more comfortably. But overall, Cherry has the best overall formulation but I do love the wearability of Divine. The retractable packaging is a great feature but the more intense colors like Cherry and Orange Pop still requires a lip brush to attain clean lines during application.
Believe it or not the line has 24 colors in total so there are so many more colors to discover! For their price (~$7.95), I think these are definitely worth checking out at your local drugstores (in Canada). You can also buy them online as Annabelle ships to both Canada and the US.
So, what do you guys think, which color is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for dropping by!

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