Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beijing Opera Mask Nails: Manicure featuring Water Decal & Nail Art Studs

Disclaimer: The following products were provided for review.
Today I have some Bejing Opera Mask nails as a follow up to my Chinese Porcelain Nails (sort of as a celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year on the January 31st). For those that don't know, Bejing Opera singers paint their faces for the characters that they portray and the colors they use have different significance and give insight to the personality and temperament of the characters.
The water decals and studded nail art decorations I used are all from Born Pretty Store. To read more and see more pictures, click......
The Beijing opera mask decals come in a sheet of 20 decals of five different designs in various sizes. I also incorporated some nail art studs to emulate the heavily decorated headgears the Bejing Opera singers also wear.
The small black rhinestones and the gold and silver round stud came in a 300 piece 12 color 2mm Stud Rhinestone wheel set ($3.99). The larger gold stud that I used on my pinky came in a 60 piece multi shape Stud Rhinestone wheel set ($2.99).
The water decals were applied over a white cream from American Apparel called "T-Shirt" and the studs were adhered with just a topcoat. However, for longer wear, I suggest adhering the studs with actual nail glue. To get 10% off of your Born Pretty Store purchase, use the code VGL91.

This look overall was quite elaborate especially with that larger stud on the pink, but I liked how dramatic it turned out!
Does anyone here celebrate Chinese New Year? What do you do to celebrate? Let me know in the comments below!
Thanks for reading, have a good one!

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