Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer in "Diamond Dust": Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
Hey guys, today I have an absolutely fabulous scattered holographic topper from Rainbow Honey, now available at Nail Polish Canada (free Canadian shipping, no minimum). "Diamond Dust" ($11.50) has tons of holographic glitters and when applied over any base color, it will give a strong holographic effect.
To see some swatches, click......

For the first set of swatches, I applied about one coat of "Diamond Dust" over a dusty royal blue creme from American Apparel called "Mount Royal" (great one coater). Check out the amazing holographic effect this polish gives!
The polish also has some subtle lavender/blue color shifting iridescent glitters and that shows up very well over darker colors. "Diamond Dust" over a dark blue or a black gives the an instant galaxy nail effect. Check out this Instagram video I captured (follow @thehappysloths here):

Next up is "Diamond Dust" applied over "Attention Whore" from Pretty Bitch Polish. This gorgeous pink already has some holographic effect but "Diamond Dust" makes it looks extra awesome. I used one coat over the color. The application is perfect and the drying time was decent. Also, I noticed that all Rainbow Honey glitter polishes have not two but three steel balls! Three! They really help mix the polish better and quicker!

"Diamond Dust" Vs. "Fairy Dust" from China Glaze:
As many of you know, "Fairy Dust" from China Glaze (also available at Nail Polish Canada) is another very popular holographic glitter topper so I thought I would do a quick comparison of the two. Firstly, the glitter sizes of the two differ, "Diamond Dust"'s holographic glitter is slightly bigger than "Fairy Dust"'s, which results in "Diamond Dust" having a way stronger holographic effect. "Fairy Dust" needs to be under strong sunlight for the holographic effect to come out and under normal lighting it just looks like tiny specks of silver glitter.
Diamond Dust on the other hand is very holographic even under artificial lighting.
Secondly, "Fairy Dust" contains some non-holographic silver glitter bits while "Diamond Dust" has some non holographic translucent lavender/blue color shifting glitter bits.
Overall I am much more impressed with "Diamond Dust" because it is a true holographic glitter.

So what do you guys think? What color do you think "Diamond Dust" would look good over? Let me know in the comments below!
Check out the rest of Honey Rainbow's amazing polishes on Nail Polish Canada (free Canadian shipping with no minimum)!

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