Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lush The Kiss Lip Gloss: Review & Swatches

Disclaimer: The product was provided for review.
Here is a cute limited edition lip product from Lush's Valentine's Day Collection, The Kiss Lip Gloss ($9.25). Housed in an adorable tin, this vegan lip gloss promises to moisturize and soften the lips while providing a subtle shine and color. To read my review and see some swatches, click......
Made of fair trade shea butter, organic castor oil, mandarin oil, and almond oil, The Kiss is a very light-weight, and lightly tinted lip gloss with a subtle shimmer. This lip gloss is very thin and non-greasy, very much like a lip balm, but unlike a lip balm, it is not waxy. The gloss has a very light sweet fruity scent and it should have a sweet taste as well because it also contains agave syrup, but I don't like tasting my lip products, so I cannot confirm the taste.
Here I have The Kiss swatched lightly over bare lips. The pigmentation is very subtle but the gloss adds a very lovely natural shimmer that makes the lips look super moisturized and healthy. The only downside of the gloss is it's short wearing time, it lasts about two hours.
I think this is a great product if you are looking for a light and moisturizing lip gloss that provides a natural tint; however, this is not a great product for on-the-go because you need to apply the product using your finger.
So there you have it, The Kiss from Lush. What do you think about this product? Do you mind lip products that come in a tin/jar? Let me know in the comments below!

The Kiss is available online and in stores now. It is a limited edition product so act quick!

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