Monday, February 24, 2014

MoYou London Artist Collection Stamping Nail Art Plate #04: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The product was provided for review.
Hi guys, today I am reviewing another super amazing nail art stamping plate from MoYou London. This one is from the Artist Collection and it is plate #04 (£4.99 or $9.05 CAD). This particular plate is inspired by my favorite painting of all time, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. This is a single image plate where several different patterns are all melded together into one single design. 
To read more and see the looks I did with this plate, click.......
The image plate comes with a beautifully designed sleeve for protection. The metal plate is mounted on a plastic backing to protect your working surface from the edges of the plate. It also makes the plate easier to handle.
This plate features a total of ten different patterns and the hair and face of the man and woman on the plate can also be used for stamping. Out of the ten patterns, I would say only eight of them are good for full nail stamping. The two patterns on the ladies dress (see image below) are not large enough for full nail stamping unless you have smaller nails.
The stamping plate itself is a simply a work of art, it's so precious I don't even want to use it! But of course I couldn't resist......
Look #1:
Here is the first look I did using this plate. I used Honey Neutral from Sephora by OPI as a base and "Olivia" from Julep for stamping. I made a little boo boo on my middle finger but I think the overall look was super cool and sophisticated, it sort of reminds me of patterns on brand name bags, hehe.

Click on image to enlarge.
Close-up (click on image to enlarge).
Look #2:
Here is a more fun look I did with another design from this plate. I used Dianna from Julep as a base and for my ring finger I used Girly Bit's Off the Scale. For stamping I used Deviantly Daring from China Glaze. The little stud I put on my ring finger is from Born Pretty Store.
The majority of the images from the plate stamped very well. I had a tad bit of trouble with a couple of designs that had bigger areas of indentation. But overall this plate was easy to work with and looks super fabulous!

The MoYou London stamping plates and stamp and scraper set is available online. Have fun looking through all their stamping plate collections!

Have you tried any MoYou Stamping plates? Which look do you like better, the first one or the second? Let me know in the comments below!

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