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Get Ready for Spring with Flexitol: Review and Giveaway!

Disclaimer: As part of the Flexitol Get Ready for Spring Blogger Campaign with Canadian Beauty Bloggers, the products featured were provided for review. All opinions on this blog are my own.
Hi everyone, today I have three skin/body products from Flexitol that will help you say goodbye to winter skin! The cold climate of the winter months is often coupled with low humidity that leaves skin dry and cracked, which not only feels uncomfortable but could also lead to eczema and skin infections. So naturally it is extra important to keep the skin hydrated and nourished by using good and effective lotions and moisturizers.
Flexitol offers a range of innovative and effective skincare products that will help pamper your skin in anticipation for the warmer months, to read more about them and to see how you can win a "Get Ready for Spring Skin Pampering Kit" (worth $39.26), click.........

What it is:
-An everyday body lotion that protects and moisturizes the skin
-Makes skin feel soft and smooth
-Non greasy and absorbs quickly
-Formulated with Shea butter, aloe vera, Old Man Weed (Australian herb with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties), and lanolin (fatty substance found on sheeps wool)
-Contains 2% urea and 1.5% dimethicone for intense hydration

I have been using the product on my legs for almost a week now and I quite like it! The product is noticeably lightweight and absorbs in a flash leaving no greasy/tacky residue. The most important part, however, is that it leaves the skin feeling super soft and hydrated. The lotion is virtually scent free, conveniently dispenses from a pump and is all in all an excellent everyday body lotion.
Flexitol Very Dry Skin Cream ($12.99):
What it is:
-A medically proven treatment for very dry skin conditions
-Provides release from eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis
-Contains 12.5% urea and 1% dimethicone for intense hydration
-Also formulated with Shea butter, aloe vera, and lanolin

I have actually been using this product on my face (especially along my jawline) because my skin has been really dry and flaky lately from my acne treatment products. Normal serums and moisturizers are simply not doing the job so I was quite delighted to give this product a try.
The skin cream has a thick creamy texture and it's scent free (as far as I can detect). It applies very smoothly and doesn't feel at all greasy or heavy.
After just one use, my skin texture improved dramatically. My skin actually felt nicer, smoother, and significantly more moisturized! Also as an added bonus, the cream didn't plug my pores or make me breakout, which is something heavier skin creams tend to do. So overall this is an amazing cream for dry skin!
Flexitol Heel Magic ($14.99):
What it is:
-An innovative way to treat dry and cracked heels
-Mess free and convenient stick form moisturizer that softens and restores the skin
-Formulated with natural waxes, Shea butter, olive oil, lanolin, and coconut oil
-Non greasy
-Contains urea for intense moisturization
Formulation and Application:
The Flexitol Heel Magic has a very thick and creamy formulation that really clings to the skin. The twist up stick design makes the application easier and more efficient, though after applying some on the skin you still need to massage the product into the heels. The Heel Magic had no noticeable scent.

My mom has very dry and cracked heels and she has been testing out this product for several days now. My mom is not very good at keeping up with bodycare routines but because the Heel Magic package design is so convinent and easy to use, she finds herself more likely to remember putting it on her heels on a nightly basis. The product has actually made a noticeable difference; her heels look and feel softer and more moisturized so this product is a definite winner!
The heel magic has a twist up stick form dispenser.
All three Flexitol product completely lived up to their claims. They were easy to use, deeply moisturizing, and all left the skin hydrated without the added feeling of greasiness or heaviness (except for maybe the Heel Magic, which has a more buttery formulation). If I were to give one critique it would be about the packaging design; I could do without the before and after pictures printed directly on the boxes and the labels, it just takes a lot away from the aesthetics. But despite that, I highly recommend these products to those looking for simple and effective treatments for dry skin.

Flexitol products can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, London Drugs, and Jean Coutu.
*Update* Flexitol products are now available at Lawtons! 

Hope y'all found these reviews helpful, to try out some of the products mentioned in this post, enter to win the Get Ready for Spring Skincare Gift Set giveaway here!

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