Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bite Cashmere Lip Cream in "Sancerre": Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: This item was purchased by me.
During the Sephora VIB sale just last week, I picked up one of Bite's new lip products called the Cashmere Lip Cream ($32 CAD). This line of lip colors comes in ten shades (all of which named after a wine) and features a weightless cream to powder formulation with a 50% pigment content. In another word, this lip color packs a punch! To read more and see my swatches of "Sancerre", click......

What it is:
-A cream to powder lip color with a 50% pigment formulation
-Infused with edible butters and oils
-The buttery portion of the formula will quickly absorb into the lips, keeping them moisturized
-The powdered pigments will remain on the surface of the lips to leave a matte finish

The lip cream comes in a standard lip gloss tube with a larger than average doe foot applicator that's very flat on both sides. I find this applicator quite clumsy, especially for applying a bold color like "Sancerre". I ended up using a lip brush anyways but I wish Bite had opted for a more traditional doe-foot applicator or even perhaps a lip brush.

Pigmentation & Application:
As expected, the pigmentation of this product is truly amazing. The color I chose is "Sancerre", a very bold, pinkish red. The product is very light weight and applies beautifully, just like a cream. After the color sets, the finish is satin-y and the product was somewhat moisturizing.

Because the color is so intense it does stain the lips quite a bit so I really like that. The product is long wearing but I had some big issues with smudging. I accidentally (but gentally) brushed my hand across my lips and the product smeared right across my face! Thus, the product is definitely not transfer-proof but the problem can be alleviated a bit if I blot my lips. But that unfortunately takes away some of the moisture.
Sancerre swatched on arm.
Sancerre swatched on lips.
-Highly pigmented
-Lightweight and soft on the lips
-Mildly moisturizing

-Clumsy applicator
-Transfers very easily unless you blot the product before going out
-High maintenance color that should be applied with a lip brush

There is no doubt that this is a stunning product. I really love it because how beautiful it looks but I don't see myself wearing it very often not because how bold the color is but because how high-maintenance the formulation is. Unless I blot it throughly before heading out the door (which takes away a lot of the moisture), I would probably have to check the mirror every hour to see if the color has smudged or got on my teeth. So overall, I am not sure I would recommend this product to everyone but I will hold on to mine and whip it out once every blue moon.

Bite products are available exclusively at Sephora.

So what do y'all think? Is this one worth the investment? Let me know in the comments below!

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