Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Woodland Bunny Nails: Manicure featuring KKCenterHK Water Decals

Disclaimer: The water decals were provided for review.
This year I was a little uninspired so I couldn't come up with a more traditional Easter themed manicure but a couple days ago I ended up using these adorable bunny decals ($2.54) from KKCenterHK to create a "semi-Easter mani". I say semi-Easter mani because it technically doesn't have the pastel Easter theme with the chicks and eggs but it does have a bunny on it, so I will say it's for easter.
To see what I used to create the look, click......

This sheet of bunny decals ($2.54) comes with 25 bunny decals. Some of them are holding a teddy bear of some sort and others are holding a cupid's bow. For my look I picked the bunny with the red scarf and the green dress.
I also incorporated some stamping using MoYou London's Fairy Tale Stamping Plate #02 (review to come soon). The pastel green color I used is called "Navigate Her" from Essie and the white polish is "T-Shirt" from American Apparel. The glitter I used is called "Lifestream" from Rainbow Honey and the red is from Laq&Co called "Greedy Guts".
I quite like how the look turned out, the bunny is simply too cute to bear!

KKCenterHK ships internationally for a reasonable shipping cost and the time it took to get to Canada was surprisingly quick. To get 10% your purchase, use the code "happysloths10" and click on the banner below:
What will you have on your nails for Easter? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Easter!

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