Saturday, April 26, 2014

Joico K-PAK Repair Kit: Shampoo, Conditioner & Intense Hydrator Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
In anticipation for Mother's Day, Joico released a three piece K-PAK Repair Kit ($29.95) that includes all the products essential for helping the hair transition from the colder months to Spring and Summer. All three products from the K-PAK Kit are designed to treat brittle and damaged hair, transforming it into a heaven of healthy lusciousness.
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What it is:
K-PAK Shampoo (300mL):
-gentle and rich formulation repairs and restores damaged locks
-strengths and conditions hair
-contains keratin silicone that fills damaged area on the hair
-formulated with aloe and Vitamin E that hydrates and protects the hair long after shampooing

K-PAK Conditioner (300mL):
-revitalizes hair, bringing back movement and bounce
-also formulated with keratin silicone complex that seals hair cuticles and protects it from moisture loss
-leaves hair static and tangle free

K-PAK Intense Hydrator (250mL):
-an intense hydrating product that promises to replenish damaged and dry hair within three to five minutes
-contains peptide complexes and keratin that restores the hair cuticles
I have used this set a few times now and I am fairly impressed. The shampoo is very rich and provides a thick lather. The conditioner was not as thick and creamy as I would have liked but after two uses I noticed that it really makes a big difference for my hair,  which now feels sleeker and smoother and I experienced less tangling. The intense hydrator is essentially a thicker version of the conditioner and does provide an even richer treatment for the hair.
All three products have a mild "hair product" smell that's quite pleasant but it doesn't really stand out. My ends are currently very damaged from the ombre I got last year so no shampoo or conditioner is going to make things magically better but regardless, I felt a dramatic difference on the upper section of my hair.

The K-PAK trio really does what it claims and I really recommend it for those with slightly damaged, dry, or easily tangled hair. For those with seriously damaged hair with split ends (cough, cough, Jasmine), it's time for a hair cut (I finally booked one for next week). The set is a bit pricy ($29.95) so that's probably the only draw back.

Joico products are available in fine salons/spas nationwide.

Have you tried any Joico products before? What are your go to products to treat damaged hair?

P.S. Laura from Beyond Blush is doing a giveaway for this set (Canadians only), so if you want a chance to win, head on over to her post to enter!

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