Monday, April 7, 2014

Maybelline Master Glaze By FaceStudio Blush Stick in "Coral Sheen" & "Warm Nude": Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Products featured are provided for review.
For Spring 2014, Maybelline released a line of twist up cream blushes called the Master Glaze by FaceStudio Blush Sticks ($11.99). These blush sticks promises color and sheen all in one sweep across the skin, to see my swatches and review, click......

What they are:
-Smooth, drag-free, non-traditional cream blushes
-Pearl-glide technology provides glowing, multi-faceted color
-Cheeks remain flushed, creamy, and radiant from morning to night

The cream blushes come in a stick form and dispenses from a twist up black tube with a clear cap.

The product can be applied directly to the cheeks but I find that I have much more control when I use either my fingers or a makeup brush.

Pigmentation & Formulation:
Coral Sheen:
This one is a beautiful warm coral with some subtle warm shimmer. It gives the cheeks a very natural flush and when blended out, the shimmer is hardly noticeable. The formula is not bad, it's not tacky and feels very light weight.
Coral Sheen: Unblended, and blended.
Warm Nude:
This one is a very shimmery warm beige. I personally think this one is more of a cream highlight than a blush but it still gives the cheeks a nice glow-y flush. Pigmentation wise, this one isn't as good as Coral Sheen because its mostly shimmer.
Warm Nude: Unblended, blended.
Here are the two worn on the cheeks.
Coral Sheen on right; Warm Nude on left.
-Convenient packaging design
-Lightweight formulation that blends easily
-Gives cheeks a natural glow

-The wear of these weren't too great, I found that the colors faded after four hours
-Warm Nude could be a tad more pigmented and less shimmery

I think these are probably great dupes for the Nars Multiple, which I have never tried because they are so darn expensive. So given how affordable these Maybelline Blush Sticks are, they are definitely worth a try for those looking for cream blushes in a stick form!

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