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Seche Spring 2014 Collection: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for review.
Hi guys, I am finally back from my cruise trip, sorry for being so MIA! During the ACI Beauty Spring/Summer 2014 Preview event earlier this month, I had the opportunity to check out the eight new shades Seche released for spring and today I wanted to share my swatches and reviews with you! To read more, click......

This new collection had a mix of colors but most were spring pastels.
May Be Modest:
This one is a pastel green with a subtle micro shimmer. The formula of this one is opaque but it was strangely thick. The color didn't self-level at all and the finish was bumpy, I had to use a generous layer of top coat to make the finish smooth and shiny.
Coats used: Two with a generous top coat.

Conquer the World:
This one is an absolutely dreamy dusty teal with a golden micro shimmer. The formulation was smooth and pigmented, making it of my favorite colors from the collection!
Coats used: Two with no top coat.

A super hot magenta frost, this polish is perfect for summer! The pigmentation is intense enough that you can probably do with just one coat (I used two, just in case). The formula is smooth and easy to work with.
Coats used: Two with no top coat.

Another favorite of mine from the collection, Uplifiting is a gorgeous warm metallic purple (more of a winter holiday color, in my opinion). It is packed with amazing gold, pink, and silver shimmers but despite the metallic finish, the formulation is super smooth and one coat was almost enough to give full opacity.
Coats used: Two with no top coat.

Casually Cool:
This one is a pale baby blue. Similar to May be Modest (the pastel green), Casually Cool also had a thicker formula that dried kind of bumpy. The pigmentation is really good for a pastel but I am not a fan of the formula.
Coats used: Two with no top coat.

Effortlessly Styled:
This one is a nice soft orange with no shimmers. The formulation is good, smooth and pigmented.
Coats used: Two with no top coat.

This one is a dusty blue cream with a tiny bit of purple undertone. The formulation was so great, smooth and opaque is just two coats!
Coats used: Two with no top coat.

Not Easily Swept Away:
This one is a pastel purple cream, your quintessential spring color. The formulation was good but nothing spectacular, it is very similar to Effortlessly Styled (the pastel orange).
Coats used: Two with no top coat.
So there you have it, eight new shades from Seche. This is actually my first time trying Seche colors and I am overall very impressed. Formulation-wise there were no super duds (all were simple two coaters) and a few really stood out to me. My favorites (in terms of both color and formula) are Conquer the World (the shimmery dusty teal), Uplifting (shimmery dark purple), and Precocious (dusty blue cream).

Seche polishes are available for $9.99 each at Lawtons Drugs, Rexall, Loblaws across Canada. I have also spotted them in Shopper Drug Mart, Real Canadian Beauty Store, and sometimes Winners.

Which shade is your favorite? Have you tried Seche polishes before? Let me know in the comments below!

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