Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Stayfree Challenge: Reclaim Your Beautiful Underwear!

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It seems that every day we are swapping tips and advice about makeup and nail products, with real life friends or on online platforms (like beauty blogs!). However, it doesn't seem like we talk a lot about our periods. For whatever reason, it's always a topic of embarrassment, we rarely ask what's normal and what's not? Should I wear pads or tampons? What's the best brand to use? Etc etc.... So today I have a different kind of post to share with y'all that hopefully will help make "that time of the month" a little less unpleasant.
To celebrate their Ultra Thin pads, Stayfree has launched a special challenge to show consumers just how well these innovative pads work!
To read more and to see the uber cool experiment I got to do, click......
About the Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular with Wings:
-Super flexible material with a cottony dry cover
-Odor neutralizing with four-wall protection to prevent leaks
-Pulls fluid away fast so you feel cleaner

The Stayfree Challenge:
Now for the exciting part! I was sent a hefty Stayfree Challenge kit that included everything I needed to demonstrate just how much better Stayfree pads are compared to its leading competitors.
For the first step, I laid out all three pads side by side. Mystery competitor #1 definitely felt like a cheaper pad and if I had to make a guess, I would say Competitor #2 is Always because it looks very similar to the ones I use.
For the next step, I poured 5mL of the tell-all blue liquid onto the pads and waited for thirty seconds. I noticed that the Stay free pad not only absorbed the liquid right away, the liquid also seems to be pulled far far away from the surface!
After the thirty seconds were up, I took a blotting sheet and placed it on top of the pads where I poured the liquid and then weighed them down with a 5lb weight.
After the five seconds, it was time for the big reveal! I think the photo below shows very clearly who the winner was! I was actually quite taken aback by the fact that almost no liquid transferred from the Stayfree pad!
So there you have it, the Stayfree Challenge! I use pads almost exclusively so it's super helpful to know that Stayfree will help keep me dry and comfy!
To find out more about the Stayfree Challenge, check out The Panty Party's twitter and youtube page!

Are you impressed by the Stayfree Challenge? Have you tried Stayfree products before (check out the special offers they have online)? Let me know in the comments below!

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