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L'Oréal Exclusive Nudes Collection by Color Riche Lipsticks: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for review.
With the return of the L'Oréal Exclusive Nudes Collection by Color Riche, nude lip lovers everywhere can once again rejoice! Inspired and named after the beloved L'Oréal ambassadors, the Exclusive Nudes lipsticks ($10.99 CAD) come in an array of shades so it's easy to pick one that best suits your skin tone and personal style. To see some swatches, click......

Before getting into the formulation and colors, let's take a moment to marvel at the gorgeous packaging design of these lipsticks! The case is made of a matte black and shiny gold plastic and the name of the lipstick color is printed in gold as well. Often times, drugstore lipstick packagings fail to impress but these Exclusive Nudes are so classy! 

Doutzen's Nude (from Doutzen Kroes):
Color: Very light baby pink with a subtle micro shimmer
Formulation: This is a sheer lipstick designed for those with very pale skin and lightly-pigmented lips. The color glides on smoothly but for someone with a naturally darker lip color like mine, Doutzen's Nude will crease and emphasize any fine lines or dry patches.

J Lo's Nude (from Jennifer Lopez):
Color: Warm beige-y pink
Formulation: The pigmentation of this one is also rather sheer. I ran into some problems with the color settling into the fine lines of my lips but they are only visible up-close. The formulation feels smooth and moisturizing but I do wish it was a bit more cushion-y.

Julianne's Nude (from Julianne Moore):
Color: Warm pink with subtle sheen
Formulation: Almost identical to J Lo's Nude in terms of formulation, Julianne's Nude leans more pink than nude. It is also slightly sheerer and I do wish the formulation was richer and more creamy so it provides more cushioning to avoid creasing.

Freida's Nude (from Freida Pinto):
Color: Frosty greige nude
Formulation: This is a semi-sheer lipstick packed with micro-shimmers that give the color a very frosty finish. Despite being a frost, the formulation feels very smooth and creamy.

Eva's Nude (from Eva Longoria):
Color: Rich dusty apricot nude
Formulation: This one is definitely my favorite out of the six, both in terms of pigmentation and formulation. The color is noticeably more pigmented than the previous four and as result it makes the lips look healthier and plumper. The lipstick feels super rich and moisturizing on the lips and the wear is a bit longer compared to the previous four, which only wore about three hours.

Liya's Nude (from Liya Kebede):
Color: Rich mocha nude
Formulation: Much like Eva's Nude, this one is also very rich in terms of pigmentation and formulation. The product applies beautifully and the shade is perfect for those with a darker skin tone.

Here are the colors swatched on my bare arm, click the image to enlarge:
From left to right: Liya's Nude, Eva's Nude, Freida's Nude, Julianne's Nude, J Lo's nude, and Doutzen's Nude
Here is a compilation of the swatches so you can compare them side by side:
I absolutely adore the concept and the design of the lipsticks but the formulation of the lighter shades fell a little below my expectation. Doutzen, J Lo, Julianne, and Freida's Nudes are definitely sheerer lipsticks that's not too forgiving of fine lines and dryness. Eva and Liya's Nudes, on the other hand, have a much creamier formulation and those are the two that I would recommend the most. The wear of these ranges from about 3 to 5 hours, depending on the pigmentation and color.

The L'Oreal Exclusive Nudes Collection are in stores as of June 2014.

Which "nude" is your favorite? Do you prefer a sheerer nude lipstick or a more opaque one? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below! Thanks for dropping by!
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