Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father's Day Gift Idea: MICRO Pedi Man

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Father's Day is coming up this Sunday and in case you haven't picked out a gift for dad yet I have a nifty little gadget called the MICRO Pedi Man ($49.99) to show you! A simple and painless device designed to buff away calluses and dead skin, the MICRO Pedi Man is an at-home device that will give dads everyone soft feet that they deserve!
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What it is:
-Equipped with a buffer roller that spins 360 degrees, 30 times per second, the MICRO Pedi Man will buff away the hardened calluses on the feet, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple
-The device is powered by two AA batteries (not included)
-The roller is removable and replaceable and the MICRO Pedi Man comes with a tiny brush for dusting away debris
Ease of Usage & Effectiveness:
The device doesn't come with its own batteries but once you pop in a couple of AA batteries, it is ready to go. To buff away dead skin, simply turn on the device and roll over problem areas. The buffer is very gentle and it isn't too noisy. Within second you can see dead skin being buffed away from the feet. There is a slight tickly sensation but it doesn't hurt at all.
Ironically, my dad has baby soft feet so I tried this on myself and my mom. It works really well on getting rid of softer dead skin patches but on harder calluses it definitely requires several sessions to smooth them out completely.
I am very impressed with this device. It does what it claims and allows you to effortlessly remove dead skin without using a traditional foot buffer. The clean up is super easy as all you need to do is dust the buffer with the small brush included. I highly recommend giving this a try if you (or your dad, this device can be used on anyone) suffer from a lot of calluses on the feet.

MICRO Pedi is available online and in these retail stores, currently the MICRO Pedi Man is on sale for only $39.99.

Have your heard of the MICRO Pedi before? Is this a device you can see yourself using? Let me know in the comments below, thanks for dropping by!
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