Thursday, June 5, 2014

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.Marcelle Eyebrow Pen: Review and Swatches
I was never blessed with beautiful full brows so one of my makeup must-haves is an eyebrow pencil. And so when I learnt about the Marcelle Eyebrow Pen (technically, it's a marker), I was super intrigued and had to test it out! The Marcelle Eyebrow Pen ($13.95 CAD) is a felt-tip marker that promises to help define brows with a smudge proof formulation. To see how well it works, click.......

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen: Review and Swatches
Packaging & Design:
The Marcelle Eyebrow Pen is packaged no differently from a regular thin marker. The applicator is a slanted felt-tip so you can draw either fine or thick lines.. The "pen" has a cap that closes tightly to prevent the product from drying out.
The slanted felt tip allows you to draw either thin or thicker lines.
The ink inside the Marcelle Eyebrow Pen dispenses very nicely. I have the color "Universal Dark" and the product is also available in "Universal Light". The ink sets very quickly, after which it is completely smudge-proof and lasts through the day very well.
The color "Universal Dark" works nicely with my black eyebrows because it's just the right shade of dark taupe-y brown, not too red and not too black.
The small downside of these that I have to point out is that like any other type of marks, the brow pen does not glide very well over bumpy surfaces. This was a problem for me because I have some small permanent acne scars and acne bumps along my brow line, especially on my left brow. So when I try to go over those areas with the product, the ink simply will not dispense. This definitely will not be an issue for most people before but I thought it's worth mentioning.
Marcelle Eyebrow Pen: Review and Swatches
I think this is a very innovative brow product. The felt liner allows precise application and the formulation is natural looking and long lasting. However, as I noted, the application is problematic over bumpy skin textures.

Marcelle products are available online and in stores at London Drugs and Shopper Drug Mart across Canada.

Have you tried an "eyebrow pen" before? Let me know in the comments below!
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