Friday, July 11, 2014

Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque: Review + My Dermalogica Face Mapping Experience!

Disclaimer: Product featured was purchased by me.
Several weeks ago, I revisited the Vancouver Dermalogica Training Center for a Face Mapping Skin Analysis. The Dermalogica skin expert there gave me a deep face cleansing and a facial treatment, in addition to helping me identify my skin issues and recommending products to address those issues. To read more about my experience and the Sebum Clearing Masque ($60 CAD) I picked up, click.......
The goal of the Face Mapping Skin Analysis is to identify and address skin issues and it started off with a survey that asked about my current skin care regimen, my skin type, and general lifestyle habits (ex. smoking, exercise regime etc). My Dermalogica expert Jenny first cleansed my face with the Dermalogica PreCleanse system to help remove any oil and impurities. She exfoliated my skin with Dermalogica's best-selling Daily Exfoliant and followed it up with the Sebum Clearing Masque ($60 CAD) which I ended up purchasing.
The Face Mapping experience was similar to a relaxing spa facial treatment (I was wrapped up in a huge fluffy towel and was treated like a pharaoh) but in the end the skin expert maps out the skin, dividing it into different sections and identifying each area's issues. For me, I pretty much suffer from oiliness in my T-Zone and acne and congestion in the other areas. 
What it is:
-Cooling deep cleaning mask formulated with Kaolin and Bentonite clay
-Cinnamon bark eliminates bacteria
-Oat and licorice soothes irritation
-Absorbs excess surface oil and helps treat acne
-Addresses overactive sebaceous glands and cell accumulation,

To use:
Apply a smooth layer on cleansed face and leave on for ten minutes, up to three times a week. The masque can also be used as an overnight spot treatment.
Formulation & Result:
The Sebum Clearing Masque has a medium texture and applies very smoothly. The mask has a very refreshing scent and it immediately gives the skin a cooling and tingling sensation. I love the deep cleansing feel the mask gives and it leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. I feel like the mask has helped improve my skin texture but it's hard to be certain since my acne comes and goes quite sporadically.

I really like the mask and I definitely think it was a good purchase (big thanks to my skin expert Jenny for recommending it). The mask gives the most incredible tingling and cooling sensation and it makes the skin feel so soft and supple after each use.

Dermalogica products are available online and in stores at select spas. Face Mapping Skin analysis are available at select spas across North America.
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